December 6, 2021

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Singing is indeed a gift – but it’s not about whether you’re born with it or not! Anyone can learn to sing and, with qualified vocal coaches and consistent adult singing lessons, you will be singing just like the vocalists you used to look up to in no time. So, if you, a family member, a friend or loved one has always wanted to learn to sing, our singing lesson vouchers make the perfect gift! Taking adult singing lessons can benefit our lives in more ways than one, so here’s a few happy side-effects that you may also experience…

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Singing is a Great Way to Socialise With Others!

Our group singing classes provide the encouraging and supportive environment every vocalist needs as they start their journey! Taking adult singing lessons can be daunting at first. But learning in a group of other beginners who are in the same boat as you will help to clear your doubts and unleash the joy of singing.

Musicians in general are social creatures. We like to play in bands, collaborate with others and share our craft. Learning to sing opens so many doors for you to meet likeminded people. You could join a local choir or theatre production, visit open mic nights and jam sessions. There is a world of creatives out there and now that you speak their ‘language’ you can form exciting friendships and connections through music.

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Music Has Incredible Effects on Your Mental Health

Listening to music engages both hemispheres of our brain and it’s a powerful way to make new connections. That’s why it can aid studying and working, lift your mood and tap into your deepest emotions. There’s something really special about the way we enjoy music, and it can play an important role in helping us retain our memories and slow down cognitive decline.

Singing can almost be compared to deep breathing meditation and it has positive effects on your mental health and wellbeing. Not only does it calm your mind, it can also be an incredibly cathartic activity to help with stress relief. Connecting to a song, singing, and feeling every lyric is a great way to forget all of your troubles and daily stress, and get completely lost in the music.

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You Will Gain a Deeper Understanding of Music That You Love

Adult singing lessons are the most accessible way to deepen your understanding of music, develop theory, writing and arrangement skills. There is no need to buy expensive instruments or gear because you’re already the instrument! Your voice is all you need to start making music. Once you start, you’re already a musician and from here the possibilities are endless.

Through learning the songs of others, you will also analyse song structure, begin to understand music theory, develop your listening skills and more. This will provide a deeper appreciation of the music you listen to. If you’ve ever wanted to write your own songs, then the skills you pick up in your adult singing lessons will give you the perfect foundation to develop your composition and writing. Whether you wish to perform original material in front of others or keep it to yourself, this can be a fantastic emotional and creative outlet!

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Singing Increases Your Confidence

Few activities are more nerve racking than having to sing in front of someone else, let alone an entire crowd of people or in a studio setting! But overcoming such situations can give you a tremendous confidence boost. It can improve the way you communicate with others and make you feel more comfortable in social and work settings. Adult singing lessons can help you to, quite literally, find your voice and develop a more secure and engaging style of communication.

As you progress through your lessons and overcome doubts and insecurities, this mindset will spill into other areas of your life as well. You will become more confident that you can take on any challenging activity and succeed in it. Just like you did with your singing journey.

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Adult Singing Lessons Can Help You Discover Your True Artistry

One common trend we notice with beginner singers is that, often, they will try to imitate someone else. While it’s great that you’ve been inspired by another vocalist, it’s crucial that you learn to use your authentic voice and tone.

Why is that?

Well, firstly, the reason you have fallen in love with someone else’s vocals is because of their individuality. Whether that’s whisper pop from the likes of Billie Eilish or Lana Del Rey or soulful, raspy vocals of Adele or Etta James, all famous voices have qualities that make them distinct. In fact, while we revere these artists, there will be some that divide opinions and that’s what makes them so memorable, too.

A vocal coach can give you a proper, well-rounded assessment of your voice so you can stop trying to imitate and trust your originality. Knowing your range, the strengths and weaknesses of your voice can help you highlight its best qualities and identify areas you need to work on. It can be hard to remain objective, especially, as you are just starting out, so letting an expert guide and coach you towards unleashing your unique voice can help you progress quicker, with more confidence!

Gift Vouchers are Available With London Singing Institute

So, what are you waiting for? Give the gift of singing to yourself or someone you love with our singing lesson gift vouchers. From individual lessons to group and intensive singing courses, we can provide a lesson plan that suits you in an encouraging environment. Our lessons are held at our stunning Central London premises. Or, you have the option to learn live online. We teach all popular styles, including classical, musical theatre, rock, pop, blues, and jazz. This means that our vocal coaches are well-versed in a number of techniques and disciplines, able to pass on invaluable knowledge on improving your breath work, range, projection and so much more. Most importantly, we will teach you healthy singing methods that will allow your voice to continue developing without damage.

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