December 22, 2021

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Have you always wanted to sing like your favourite singers? Whether you hope to have the powerful pop vocal of Lady Gaga, dominate the musical theatre scene like Idina Menzel, or leave your unique mark on opera scene like Maria Callas, there’s one thing that makes renowned vocalists so distinct and memorable.

It’s their unique singing style that sounds instantly recognisable on any record. So, while we encourage you to get inspired by other artists, your focus should always be on how to make your singing voice unique. Trying to sing like someone else or hiding your true tone of voice, especially, if it is particularly distinctive can feel safe and comfortable. But letting your authentic qualities come through is how you become a real artist. Here’s how you can tap into the essence of your singing voice.

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Learn to Understand Your Vocal

First step in how to make your singing voice unique is to understand what exactly makes it different. Perhaps it’s your natural tone? Maybe you have a particularly amazing falsetto? Or a powerful, raspy mixed voice? Are you good at runs, harmonies or belting notes? What range can you cover with your voice and which sections of it sound particularly good?

Asking yourself these questions and exploring them further in your adult singing lessons will provide a deeper understanding of your voice. Once you know it well enough, how can you use it to your advantage?

You can use everything you learn about your voice to find songs that best suit you or alter them to highlight your best qualities. It will also inform your song writing and enable you to match the melodies you write to best suit your voice. You can also identify areas of improvement, bringing a clearer focus and more tailored exercises as you practice and work through your lessons.

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Be Open to Feedback and Improvement

When you first embark on your adult singing lessons, you will likely receive some gentle feedback from your vocal coach. Listen to them and use it to help you grow and develop your voice. A qualified and experienced singing teacher only wants the best for you and regular feedback is necessary to monitor how much you’ve improved. It can also be quite difficult to stay objective about your own voice, so finding a coach that you can trust can make a real difference to your journey.

But you don’t need to just focus on the negatives. As you get to know your voice, learn to recognise its positive qualities too and get used to your unique tone. Learn to work with it and understand what sounds good and what doesn’t. Being self-aware and objective doesn’t mean you only focus on areas of improvement. It means you also know when to pat yourself on the back, celebrate your progress and feel confident in the exceptional, positive qualities of your voice.

Stay true to your diction and tone of voice

Your diction, dialect and accents are crucial ways to make the singing voice unique. As you begin to learn singing, you will often cover songs by others, so it can be easy to adopt and mimic the accent of another vocalist. Try not to let that happen! While you are learning covers, think of ways your can adapt your diction or rhythm to make them your own and stay true to your unique tone.

These minor details all make up the nuances of your voice that let it stand out from the rest.

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Learn a Variety of Techniques and Expand Your Musicality

Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what your voice is able to do! Learning a variety of techniques and consistently expanding the possibilities of your vocal range, flexibility and dexterity will help you uncover your own unique style.

For example, working on your pitch, music theory and harmonies will allow for much more interesting arrangements in your covers, as well as original songs. You’ll have more freedom to add interesting twists to a piece of music and break it down with much better understanding of it.

Learning different techniques, developing your chest, head and mixed voice, and understanding how to make the most of each part of your range will allow you to sing more comfortably, knowing when to add some power and when it’s best to hold back. You can even explore belts, vocal runs, falsettos and many more sounds that will add to your musicianship.

By trying different techniques and broadening your range as a vocalist, you will develop a much more flexible and versatile instrument that will help you understand and create your authentic style.

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Become a Songwriter!

There is nothing like writing your own songs and learning to express your inner thoughts and feelings through music to develop you as an authentic and unique artist. This is the best way to make your singing voice unique! Sure, you can throw your own spin on cover songs too, however, no one will write exactly like you, and no one has the same thought patterns and experiences as you. If you’ve always felt like you’re copying other vocalists or haven’t found your own authentic voice, this may be the best practice to truly feel like an artist. Developing your songwriting skills will also open ample possibilities for session work, music publishing and sync as well as the option for you to release your own, original music. It will help you connect with your audience like you never have before through sharing your inner world and expressing yourself via creative writing.

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